Kayak Instruction

We are offering a complete program of whitewater instruction for kayakers in 2017.

For details, click on the instruction you are interested in or scroll down below:


Beginner Whitewater Kayak  (May/June, 2 sessions)

Kayak Rolling 202 (June 7 and 10)

Intermediate Kayak Spring Tune-up (Class 2+) (TBA)

Intermediate Kayak Boot Camp (June 10-11)

Kayak Pond Rolling (July 11 and 13)

Paddler Reunion, Class II (TBA)



Beginner Whitewater Kayak Instruction:

Experience the excitement of whitewater kayaking in a fun and supportive environment with an outstanding group of paddlers.  Using American Canoe Association (ACA) standards, you will learn basic kayak strokes, maneuvers, and water safety skills on a pond in Concord, then travel to the Deerfield River for a weekend of instruction on Class 1-2 whitewater.

You must be comfortable on and in the water and be able to transport your own gear.


Session A:  Pond:  May 18    River trip:  May 20-21

Session B:  Pond:  June 8    River Trip: June 10-11


Fees:  $150 for AMC members  ($170 for non-AMC members) and includes instruction and kayak rental.  If you have your own whitewater kayak and gear, subject to safety inspection, subtract $40 from the fee.  Camping and meals for the weekend river trip (~$50) are additional.

To apply: send your name, address, day and evening phone numbers, email address, AMC membership number (if you are a member), height & weight (for boat assignment), and Series preference (A or B) to:  Beginner Kayak Registrar, c/o Chris Rolt, 39 Oliva Court, Stoughton, MA 02072.

´╗┐If you do not have an email address, please include a self addressed/stamped envelope for course mailings. 

Include a check payable to "AMC Paddlers Committee" for payment or pay by credit card:

For questions about the class, please email.



River Rolling 202:

Wednesday, June 9 @ 6pm, Saturday, June 10

Often neglected in paddling circles, the bombproof roll is making a comeback in the 2017. Join us for two days of hard work emphasizing rolling in turbulent river situations. It's going to be fun, but we're going to spend lots of time upside down. Why? Because as your paddling progresses to more difficult levels you really should be able to roll up 99% of the time in class III or IV water. So... if you NEVER/RARELY miss a roll in the pool, but OCCASIONALLY swim in real river situations, then this class is for you.

The course will be taught in a progression of locations moving from flat water (Wednesday evening at a local pond tweaking technique) through moving current and culminating in a Class III wavehole.

The locations will be selected based on water flow and safety. Camping will be arranged for the weekend of the course.

Fees: $25 for AMC members ($35 for non-AMC members) , Camping not included (~$20)

To register: email

To pay by credit card:



Intermediate Kayak Spring Tune-up  (Class 2+)


Winnipesaukee (and Contoocook depending on water levels at the time)


We plan to run the upper Winni in the morning and focus on paddle strokes, boat control, body position and river reading. 

The afternoon session will be held on the lower Winni or the "Took" and will focus on using the skills practiced in the morning with emphasis on river reading. Both rivers have class III sections so we will position vehicles at strategic locations to ensure that no one is asked to paddle beyond their ability, for those that wish to challenge by choice this will be a great opportunity for class III paddlers to break into the upcoming season, and for class II to begin their journey to the next level. 


Fees:  $25 AMC members ($35 non-AMC members). For kayak rental, add $20 to fee.  

Note: Tune-up is free for current leaders who led trips last season or have signed up to lead trips this season

To Register:  email




Intermediate Whitewater Kayak Boot Camp

Saturday, June 10 - Sunday, June 11

The Forks, Maine (assuming appropriate water levels)

Instructors will help you polish your current skills and introduce new ones. Our holistic approach to kayak instruction will include elements of river safety, technical skills, scouting, group dynamics.communications and much more. This course, together with your serious effort, will result in a quantim leap in your kayaking ability making your a more confident (but exhausted) Class III paddler.

You must be in at least your second season of kayaking, with at least 8 days of paddling last year, and at least 6 days of paddling this year, and you must have several days of class III experience. You must have at least a 50% chance of a combat roll, be comfortable/confident in your own equipment and possess the will and stamina for long days on the water. 

Your instructors are friendly and encouraging paddlers who love kayaking and teaching. 


Fee:  $75 for AMC members ($100 non-AMC members). Camping and food fees not included.

To apply:  download the FAQ page and the application. If you have questions send an email.

To pay by credit card:



Kayak Rolling Clinic

July 11 and 13 @ 6 pm

Tired of seeing those rapids at eye-level?  Embarrassed about those scratches on the DECK of your boat?  Spend two evenings on a local pond and learn to roll your kayak - the skill most likely to boost your paddling confidence and level of safety!

This clinic is for whitewater kayakers only.  Participants should be prepared to be in the water 2 hours per session.  Graduates of this year's. Beginner Kayak Instructionals will get enrollment priority.  Please specify and previous rolling experience or rolling requests when registering. 

Fees:  $45 for AMC members ($55 non-AMC members).  For kayak rental, add $20 to fee.

More information and to register: email

To pay by credit card:


Class II Whitewater Paddler Reunion


Deerfield River in Charlemont

If you are one of the luck people that have taken the Beginner Whitewater Course in the summer of 2013, 2014, 2015 or whenever, this trip is for you!!

Come to meet up with your fellow students and a variety of instructors to exchange stories and experiences.  Whether you\'ve been on the river every weekend, or not since your instructional, this trip is for you!  Have fun on the, familiar-by-now, Fife Brook section of the Deerfield River.

To sign up: email