Whitewater Rental Policies

Club Fee  

Please note: We are no longer charging trip fees or collecting Hydro Fund Donations.

Boat Rental

Tandem canoes are $20/paddler/day.  Solo canoes and closed boats are $10/day. All boats are $10/paddler for each pond or pool session. All boats come with a life jacket, helmet, and paddle per person, a spare paddle for open canoes and a spray skirt for closed boats.

Paddle, Life Jacket & Helmet Rental

Each item is $2/day if no boat is rented.

Special Boat Rental Rules

Club open canoes may not be used on Class IV rivers.  Closed boats are excempt from this rule. (see the latest version of the Ropes for any changes regarding boat use policy)

Late Equipment

Renters are responsible for returning equipment by 8:00 pm on Monday evening following the trip.  If problems arise making this impossible, the renter must contact the Boathouse Manager immediately. If rental equipment is returned late, a $10/day late fee is authorized for each day the equipment “is unavailable for Club use’. Habitual offenders may have their rental privileges suspended

Damaged Equipment

Damaged equipment must be reported on the equipment sign-out forms and on the trip report.  If the equipment cannot be used without repair, contact the Boathouse Manager or Equipment Maintenance person immediately. Renters are liable for the cost of repairs for all damage to Club equipment signed out for use on Club trips, normal wear excepted. Liability shall not exceed 50% of its current replacement price except when damage was caused intentionally or as a result of disregard for Club policy. In such cases a higher liability may be assessed. Persons repeatedly damaging Club equipment, or failing to pay for repairs, may have their rental privileges suspended.

Lost Equipment

The renter is responsible for all rented equipment.  Liability for lost equipment shall not exceed 50% of its current replacement price. In cases where equipment has been stolen or vandalized because of disregard for its safekeeping, higher liability may be assessed.

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