Sea Kayak Policy for Leadership Approval


The vetting process for leaders in Sea Kayak (SK) Committee is to be transparent and consistent, thorough and complete, practical and achievable. The intent is to discern many aspects of a Candidate’s character, abilities, and judgment to determine if the Candidate is capable of leading a group in a way that maximizes the safety, active participation, learning, and enjoyment of participants. The candidate for co-leader or leader must be a current AMC member.


The minimum requirements for consideration for Leadership Approval in this Committee are the following:

  1. Co-lead on three or more trips with at least two different leaders.
  2. AMC Boston Chapter Trip Leadership Program or equivalent training.
  3. Participate in one or more `Spring Tune-up’ sessions held with other co/leaders and demonstrate paddling skills, such as strokes and assisted rescues.

Candidate Resume

The leadership approval process begins with the Candidate submitting a resume detailing the requirements above as well as additional information to be considered. Your resume should include:

  • Details of trips that were coled, including dates and leader’s name. May also describe your role during trip, such as planning the trip, screening or rescues made.
  • Leadership workshop dates and/or other training or courses outside AMC (such as ACA, NOLS, SOLO, etc.)
  • Dates of any Wilderness First Aid training.
  • Leadership status in other committees within Boston or other AMC chapters.
  • Names and contact info for references the Committee may contact.
  • Include a description of your background (# years kayaking or exceptional trips or conditions you have experienced) and type of trips you are interested in leading.

Approval Process

The Leader Approval Process begins when the candidate submits their resume to the SK Committee Chair or designated recipient (DR). The Chair / DR will contact the appropriate leaders and references and share with other Committee members prior to the next Committee meeting.

The Candidate is welcome to attend this Committee meeting and answer questions that may arise. At some time during this discussion, the Candidate will be asked to leave the room while the Committee continues their discussion and prepares to vote.

The Committee will take a vote to approve the candidate’s petition. Leaders who are not present but have experience paddling with the candidate may submit votes by proxy. While co-leaders are eligible to vote on other Committee decisions, promotion requires approval of at least 2/3 of the Leaders voting.

It is expected that new Leaders post trips well within their capabilities and encouraged to lead trips with existing leaders until the new Leader gains experience and confidence.

Requirements for Co-Leaders

The requirement for co-leading in this committee is to simply express the desire to co-lead and demonstrate paddling and rescue skills at one or more `Spring Tune-up’ session. The AMC Boston Chapter Trip Leadership Program workshop is strongly encouraged, since this course covers screening and group decision-making, but is not a hard requirement to co-lead. Wilderness First Aid is also strongly encouraged.

The committee will approve co-leaders after they demonstrate their paddling and rescue skills at spring warm-up. If you cannot attend the spring tune-up session, but wish to be considered in the coming season, advise the Committee in advance. Instruction at one or more clinics may substitute. It is best when multiple leaders can observe candidates.

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