Trip Planning Guide


Get Your Ducks in a Row

Make a Plan

You know what to do!

Check the tides or the river flow. Decide on put-in, take-out and your route. Recruit a co-leader (or two). Set a limit on the number of paddlers.

Think about the extras:

  • Do you need boat rentals? If so, where will you get them.
  • Do you required special equipment?
  • What qualifications do paddlers need to participate?
Think about alternatives if the weather or conditions make the trip.

Register Your Trip

Post Your Trip in the Activities Database

Start by watching this video walkthrough created by Jeff Barrell on submitting a new trip listing.

  1. Login to the AMC website at and navigate to the Activities Admin Page
  2. In the Events menu on the left, go to “Add Event” and choose the Paddling Committee from the pull down list.
  3. Edit the Basic Info: Date/time, activity type, general location information (e.g. Boston Harbor or Deerfield River). In the description, indicate the nature of the trip, general plan, skill requirements and other information to help members decide whether or not to join your trip. 
  4. Edit the “Additional Info” section. This is where you enter the trip difficulty rating (Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Strenuous).
  5. Add fees if required
  6. Edit the leader and co-leader information
  7. In the “Registration” section choose “Required – In Person Opportunity” and fill in the registration details including the participant limit.
  8. Review all sections for accuracy (once submitted you may not be able to edit).
  9. When you’re satisfied hit the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Please do not give specifics about the launch location in the listing! This prevents stragglers from trying to join the group without registering first.


Wait (Patiently)

Wait for Your Trip Approval

Your trip will be submitted for review and approval. This may take anywhere from a day to a week.

Reviewers and approvers on the committee will try to get to your trip as quickly as possible, but remember that Committee members are volunteering their time and this may not always be their top priority.

Once your trip is approved, it will show up on the AMC Activities calendar and it will be picked up on our website.


Create a Meetup

Add Your Trip to our Social Media Channels

Social Media is a great way to publicize your trip. The Paddlers Committee has an official Meetup group and an official Facebook Page where you can create events.

You may only create events on social media after your trip has been approved and published in the AMC Activities Database. 

Events on Meetup or Facebook should always link back to the trip page on

Your trip will automagically show up in the “Upcoming Events” section on our website.

Contact Elaine Batzer ( for help with Meetup.

Contact Marty Jensen ( for help with Facebook.


Screen Your Participants

Screening Participants

As Trip Leader, you will be notified by email when someone registers for your trip. The paddler’s registration is held in “Pending” state until you, the leader, approves the participant.

It is your responsibility to screen paddlers to make sure they are qualified for the trip. 

Contact the paddler either by email or phone and ask them about their experience, the type of boat they are paddling, their skill level and any other question relative to the nature of the trip.

Only when you are satisfied the paddler is qualified for the trip you should “Approve” the registration.


Before You Go ...

Final Preparations

A few days before the trip you should be making final preparations.


Check the weather, conditions and any other factors to make your final Go/No-Go decision for the trip.

Email Participants

Send out an email with the final trip plan, meeting location and time, directions to the put-in and other details for the trip.

Trip Roster

Print or download a trip roster from the Activities Database.

Prepare Your Float Plan

Prepare a float plan – with a copy of the roster – and file it with a responsible person that will not be on the trip.


Go Paddle!

Before you launch …

The start of the trip can be pretty hectic. Make sure you attend to business before getting on the water.

Take Attendance

Make sure that you check off paddlers against the roster. If you have a no-show make sure to notify the person holding your float plan to update the roster.

Pre-Trip Briefing

Make sure you gather everyone for the pre-trip briefing. Make introductions, discuss the plan, and ask about any concerns.

Just before you launch you should notify the float plan monitor of any changes to the attendance list or the itinerary.

After you land …

As soon as you’re back on land, folks will want to scatter. Before you let everyone go, take care of these details.

Close Your Float Plan

Notify the person monitoring your plan that you have returned and are off the water safely.

Post Trip Debriefing

Make sure you gather everyone together for a quick debriefing. Ask about any concerns, anything that could have made the trip better, and any feedback for the leaders.


Wrap it Up!

File a Trip Report

Make sure to file a trip report by filling out the Google Form. Make sure to include an accounting for the trip if any fees were paid.

The Treasurer is automatically notified when the report is submitted and may follow up with additional questions.

These reports are very important for the ongoing operations of the Paddlers Committee. Make sure you file the report in a timely fashion!

Share Trip Photos

It’s important to share our activities through our social media channels. It reminds our members and the community to look to us for paddling adventures.

Please send full-sized, original photos of the trip to Marty Jensen ( for publication on the web

Consider Writing a Blog Post

Consider writing up your trip as a post on our website. Trip reports published on the website and social media create a recorded history of our activities that can be viewed by members and visitors alike.

Please contact Marty Jensen ( if you would like to post about your trip on the website.

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