Celebrating the Life of Steve Twelves

In memory of AMC White Water Leader Steve Twelves (May 10, 1955 – May 3, 2021).

We are saddened to report the passing of one of our own. Steve Twelves, a long-time white water leader with the AMC Boston Paddlers passed this year at the age of 66.

Our members have offered their thoughts and memories of Steve …

Steve Twelves started paddling with the AMC in the early 1990s and was not only a superb paddler, but the best-organized trip leader I ever had the honor to co-lead with: I’ll never forget his 3-ring binder, with trip participants names & particulars, of course, but also a pocket for the trip fees & the location of the nearest hospital!

He was part of a very tight-knit group of kayakers who paddled together for 25 years, during which we did most of the classic New England rivers & even had the opportunity to paddle the Middle Fork Salmon in Idaho – an amazing adventure.

Clearly, after sharing such experiences, he became a very good friend & we extended our joint activities to hiking, xc-skiing & an unforgettable trip to Iceland.

I cannot express how much I will miss him, but I am delighted to have known him while doing our favorite things.

Vicki Diadiuk

For about a dozen years, I was on the river with Steve several times a year. We were both members of the group that Vicky Diadiuk infallibly organized every weekend when there was water and the weather warm enough. My most vivid memory of those years is watching Steve as he carried his boat to the put-in on the Middle Swift, supported by a cane. It was but two weeks before his first hip replacement!

Steve was a wonderful, kind soul always enjoying being outdoors with his friends. He will be sorely missed, may he Rest In Peace in the Big River in the Sky.

Dan Krupa

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