About the AMC Boston Paddlers

We believe that everyone was born under a water sign. We feel that the surest path to happiness is not a path at all but is found in the foam on a bow wake, in the curl of a wave, at the top of every eddy line, and in the quiet solitude found when floating on a lake at sunset. We think that a great day is one spent floating and boating and playing with friends.

We have Sea Kayakers, Whitewater Boaters, Canoeists, Stand-Up Paddle Boarders, and even a few regular swimmers. In the AMC’s Boston Chapter Paddling Committee it doesn’t matter where you come from or how many years you have on the water (if any). What matters is your desire to experience the world from a floating perch and wanting to do it with great people. We don’t require membership or a secret handshake to paddle with us. We care about the experience, being outdoors, and building the paddling community.

  • Each year from early spring through the fall we run organized paddling trips for canoes, kayaks, and SUPs (we are not a rafting outfitter), on whitewater rivers, the ocean, and flat-water destinations near Boston and throughout New England.
  • Throughout the spring and summer months we offer a full program of paddling instruction that includes basic through intermediate skills as well as safety & rescue.
  • We support conservation activities and local outreach. We believe in the communities around us and in leaving a better paddling environment than the one we found.
  • Our bad jokes, great trips, and positive attitudes are free for all who paddle with us.

You do not need to be a member of the AMC to paddle with us! All our work is done by volunteers serving both the members of our club and the public in general.

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Barrell

Committee Chairman

Jeff started out paddling white water rivers in the western states. Since moving to New England he spends his time paddling the ocean tides and currents. He enjoys paddling Boston Harbor and Woods Hole but particularly enjoys kayak camping on Maine islands (and group cooking). His goal is to share fun and adventure with other like-minded people.
Melanie Rausch

Melanie Rausch

White Water Coordinator

Melanie joined the 2006 AMC beginners class and never looked back. She loves being on the river and as an AMC Instructor & Leader she holds an ACA L2 certification. She happily shares her passion for the river by introducing new paddlers to the beauty and excitement of white water.

Elaine Batzer

Sea Kayak Coordinator

Elaine grew up on the water, rowing and sailing. She has been paddling for over 20 years and after dabbling in WW, realized that she enjoyed the wide-open ocean much more. She enjoys bringing both long-time and novice paddlers on day-long excursions around the North Shore, Boston Harbor, and Cape Cod. 

Marty Jensen

Web & Digital Media

Marty’s first kayak was a skin-on-frame kit he built with his Dad when he was 14. He’s been paddling small boats ever since. He has been an AMC member for more years than he can remember but only recently started volunteering as a sea kayak trip leader. He holds ACA Trip Leader and ACA L2 Coastal Kayak Instructor certifications.
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