Sea Kayaking

Come explore with us!

Join us as we find adventure along the coast of New England!

Whether you’re looking for a quiet paddle in a sheltered harbor, building your skills in tidal currents, or exploring the coast on a multi-day adventure we offer a wide range of trips and classes suitable for all skill levels.

Trip Ratings

Find out how we rate our trips and how weather, wind and waves can affect the trip rating.


What kayaks are appropriate for the ocean and what equipment you should bring with you on a trip.


What skills should you have as a sea kayaker and what training is offered by the Boston Chapter.

Calendar & Resources

Boston Harbor Tides

Boston Harbor tide chart from NOAA. Remember to lookup the tide table for the location you are paddling.

Boston Marine Forecast

Boston Harbor marine forecast from NOAA. Remember to lookup the forecast and weather data for the location you are paddling. You can find the main NOAA marine weather page here

Boston Harbor Buoy

Boston Harbor approach buoy located 16 NM east of Boston. Reports wind, wave height, sea surface temperature etc. Make sure to check buoy reports in the area you are paddling.

Current Predictions

In addition to tides, NOAA predicts current flow at different locations around the coast. This link is to the current stations on the MA coast.

Upcoming Sea Kayak Classes & Trips

Here are the next several sea kayak events on our calendar!

To see the full calendar, head over to

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