In Memory of Chris Rolt

In June of 2019 we said a final goodbye to our good friend Chris Rolt.

Chris was with the AMC Boston Chapter as a volunteer leader and whitewater instructor for many years. It was under his tutelage that a number of our friends and fellow paddlers got their start.

This post is dedicated to his memory.

Christopher Rolt, December 3, 1963 – June 29, 2019

This last weekend of June is dedicated to my very good friend Chris Rolt! He is remembered by so many for his huge heart, passion and patience. His sense of humor was unique, twisted some would say but never harmful. He loved the White Water community and contributed so much of his time teaching, leading, always there for us. 

I paddled with Chris over so many years, it’s hard to count them. He was always at my side encouraging me to be my best. He taught me how to teach others and be mindful to respect the river and it’s power. 

Chris will always be a part of me as he remains in my heart forever. I just miss him. I know he is rolling his eyes at me but I am taking his ashes out to the Deerfield so he may flow with us once again.

RIP my friend. 

Melanie Rausch, June 2020

Chris was my mentor. He led trips just for me, he taught me how to roll, he helped me find my forever boat and advised me on which rivers I was ready to conquer. And it wasn’t as if he did all this just for me, he did it for everybody! Chris will always be by my side telling me it’s safe, go ahead.

Danielle DiDio, June 2020

If you have memories of Chris you would like to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Marty Jensen

Marty Jensen

Boston Chapter Sea Kayak Trip Leader. ACA L2 Instructor, ACA Coastal Kayaking Trip Leader. Enjoys exploring the coast on multi-day tours or playing in rocks and current.
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