Sea Kayak Training

Training with the AMC

AMC Boston Paddlers offers several instructional events and trips each year. We offer instruction at the beginner through intermediate level for paddlers looking to get started with sea kayaking or those new to the sport looking to expand their skills.

In June we host our Spring Tune-Up at Lake Cochituate in Framingham where we focus on touching up those skills that have been dormant through the winter. This is also a great event to get an introduction to sea kayaking skills if you have never taken a class before.


Some of the skills you will learn as you become more involved with the sport of sea kayaking include:

  • Strokes and maneuvers
  • Self and assisted rescues
  • Towing
  • Navigation
  • Rough water skills in current, waves and surf
  • Trip planning 
  • Weather & Tidal forecasting
  • Handling Emergencies
Paddling Group

Additional Resources

For those looking to receive more formal instruction or those looking to develop advanced sea kayak skills, we recommend seeking instruction from a certified instructor with either the American Canoe Association (ACA) or British Canoeing (BC). 

Both organizations certify their instructors to the highest standards in the sport. Instructors with ACA or BC certification are your insurance that you are receiving quality instruction that reflects the leading practices in the sport.

We have listed a few of the Boston area companies and individuals offering professional sea kayak instruction through the ACA or BC as a start.

We do not endorse or recommend specific instructors or coaches. Each student should talk with multiple coaches to determine who will be the best fit for their needs.

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