White Water Training

Training with the AMC

AMC Boston Paddlers offers several instructional events and trips each year. We offer instruction at the beginner through intermediate level for paddlers looking to get started with white water kayaking or those new to the sport looking to expand their skills.

Not all classes run regularly, so check this website or the AMC Activities Database for upcoming training opportunities.

Classes and Clinics

Some of the clinics we offer include:

  • Rolling Instruction – we teach flat-water rolling either in a pool or in a local pond for those tired of dumping out of their boats.
  • Safety and Rescue – Offered during the summer to provide hands-on river rescue experience.
  • River (Combat) Rolling – For those who have a consistent flat-water roll but are having difficulty transferring to white water.
  • Play Paddling Clinic – For prospective fun hogs that want to paddle more aggressively and learn to surf waves and play holes with confidence and skill.
  • Racing Clinic – Offered in the early spring on a gated white water course. Not solely for prospective racers – this is a great way to refresh and hone your paddling skills.
  • Intermediate Kayak Instruction – Usually offered in July in alternating years. These classes are typically held on rivers in Maine.

Additional Resources

For those looking to receive more formal instruction or those looking to develop advanced white water skills, we recommend seeking instruction from a certified instructor or white water outfitter. 

We have listed a few outfitters that offer advanced instruction in white water canoe and kayaking as a start:

We do not endorse or recommend specific instructors or outfitters. Each student should talk with multiple outfitters to determine who will be the best fit for their needs.

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