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Welcome to our Community Classifieds

If you have a paddling item you would like to sell, we hope that you'll post it here as a service to the Boston area paddling community. But first, there are some rules you need to observe:

  1. Items posted for sale in this forum must be paddlesports equipment or clothing or related outdoor equipment (e.g. camping gear that may be used for kayak camping). We do not allow posting of items unrelated to paddling activities in this forum (e.g. skis or vehicles).
  2. Items posted for sale in this forum must be posted by the owner of the merchandise. Please do not post on behalf of other individuals. You may post links to sales on Craigslist, eBay, Facebook, or other 3rd-party services provided you are the owner and seller of the merchandise in the listing that you link.
  3. Commercial sales or advertising by paddlesport businesses are prohibited.
  4. Repeating sales, sales of lots of merchandise, or sales of merchandise that is unrelated to paddling and paddlesports are not allowed.
  5. Duplicate posts of the same item are prohibited. Sellers may, however, "bump" the listing by replying to the post, which moves the post back to the top of the forum.
  6. "For Sale" posts must contain a description of the item for sale, the age of the item, the condition of the item, and the price you are asking for the item. Please do not post "best offer" items, although it's fair to list the price and add "or best offer" to the terms.
  7. We recommend adding photographs of the item in addition to the description. Photographs should be recent photos of the actual item and not stock or manufacturer photos.
  8. Sellers must provide valid contact information in the listing if you want your item available to the general public. This can be a valid email address, phone number, social media link, OR a private-message link. We strongly recommend using a service like BurnerMail to create a temporary forwarding email address to use in the sale posting to avoid giving out your personal email in a public forum.
  9. Members have access to a private message feature on the forums. Sellers can request that buyers PM them for contact details, but it will restrict the pool of potential buyers to registered members on the forum.
  10. Sellers must update the listing after the item is sold to indicate that the item is no longer available.


Payment and Delivery

Final pricing, the terms of the sale and delivery of the merchandise are up to the buyer and seller to negotiate directly.

While payment and delivery are negotiated between the buyer and seller, we can advise you on the following:

  1. When purchasing merchandise that the Seller will ship, you should only pay the Seller through PayPal, Venmo, or other electronic payment services and where possible use a credit card to fund the purchase. This helps protect both the Buyer and Seller in the event of a fraudulent sale.
  2. Buyers should never agree to pay with cash, personal check, or through a bank transfer if you don't know the seller.
  3. Sellers that agree to ship merchandise to the Buyer should make sure to post the item for delivery no later than 2 business days after payment is received unless you agree with the buyer for a later ship date. Sellers should use a shipping service that offers both tracking and delivery receipts.
  4. To protect the Buyer, Sellers should insure any item of value against damage with the shipper. The Seller is free to include any shipping or insurance charges as part of the final sale price. Some shippers will cover items up to a certain value. It is incumbent on the Seller to understand the limits of coverage and purchase insurance if the value of the item(s) exceeds the limits of coverage.


Dispute Resolution

Any dispute arising between the Buyer and the Seller must be resolved through direct negotiation, through the payment service or credit card company, or through other legal means to resolve disputes on a private sale. The Paddlers Activity Committee, the AMC Boston Chapter, or the AMC will not act as intermediaries in any dispute arising through the sale of an item through these forums.

The Paddlers Activity Committee, the AMC Boston Chapter, and the AMC have strict privacy policies and we do not release personally-identifying information on either the buyer or the seller without a lawful request. 


The AMC Boston Chapter Paddlers Activity Committee is providing this service to registered users of our website free of charge. Neither the Paddlers Activity Committee, the AMC Boston Chapter, or the AMC has any involvement or financial interest in the items posted for sale in this forum. The Paddlers Activity Committee, the AMC Boston Chapter, or the AMC makes no warranty as to the identity of the seller, the quality or condition of the merchandise, or the fairness or accuracy of the price.

We reserve the right to remove posts that violate any of the terms or conditions presented here. 


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