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The End is Near

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Jeff Barrell
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It seems the end of the Covid19 pandemic is near, but watch the tail as this virus is part of our global population. As for our paddling and camping trips, all is back to normal as vaccinated people need not wear a mask. Some people cannot or will not take vaccine and rather than judge them, let them wear a mask or accept the risk of infection from the rest of us. AMC leaders will not require vaccination to paddle with us. Don't ask, Don't tell. We simply behave as if the virus is still around and take basic precautions in distancing, hand washing, etc.

It has been a challenging year at many levels, but I have been skiing and paddling with small groups throughout the past winter and spring with no issues. Being outside has many benefits to physical and mental hygiene and the AMC offers the opportunity to make connections with others with like interests and abilities. We only ask that you give back however and whenever you are able. We are all volunteers helping others get outside and paddle with others in a safe environment. It is often not as challenging as some want, but safety often trumps heroic adventures.... 

Posted : 20/06/2021 11:56 pm
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