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Travel to Maine this Season?

Jeff Barrell
Member Committee

Maine allows travelers without Quarantine from NH, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey. Note that Massachusetts and RI are not on the welcome list. We have to either test negative on a Covid test 72 hours prior or quarantine for two weeks. Quarantine means no stops at public places like gas stations, rest stops, restaurants, etc. The penalty is severe - $1,000 each person. I just heard a story of a MA couple coming out of a lunch place that were approached by a policeman asking about their quarantine status (they had a car with MA plates). They said they had quarantined for two weeks and were good, but the officer ran their plates through the toll photos and discovered they entered Maine that day. A $2,000 lunch tab.

My plan is to drive directly to the launch and paddle to an island campsite. I will gas up before going and not stop at a store for forgotten supplies. If I must stop for bladder break, it will be in the woods, not the rest area. I will carry paperwork - Certificate of Compliance form - in case I am pulled over by police. The paperwork specifies "I will quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in Maine or for the duration of my stay". The only public exposure will be at the launch, where we will wear masks. There is some risk parking your car for days at a public launch. I've heard of some cars at trailheads (in NH) were keyed with words "Go Home". I also heard this was a busy trailhead - I hope a quiet launch in Maine will be different.

Topic starter Posted : 18/08/2020 9:08 pm
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