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The AMC Boston Paddling Committee is organized under the AMC's volunteer leadership program. We exist to offer trips to AMC members and the general public through the AMC and under AMC guidelines and rules, including a requirement to list trips in the AMC's activity database and register participants under an AMC waiver.

Because of these requirements, we cannot support or allow members to organize ad-hoc trips through our community forums. Posts suggesting meet-ups or last-minute paddles will be removed by our moderators.

This forum has been created to let our members and friends suggest trip ideas that can be run as AMC-led trips with leaders from the AMC Boston Paddling Committee. We encourage you to suggest destinations, celebrations, community outreach activities, or anything else you would like our committee to support.

If you feel you have the skills to organize and lead trips, we encourage you to explore becoming a trip leader with the AMC Boston Paddling Committee. Please reach out to us at We will be happy to discuss leadership opportunities with you.

We encourage our members to get outdoors and enjoy our waters - whether on their own or on AMC-led trips. But we would ask that you look to MeetUp, Facebook or other forums to organize trips with your paddling friends.

Thanks for your understanding on this!

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Posted : 13/08/2020 1:18 pm
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