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Hingham Town Ramp

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Marty Jensen
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The Hingham Town Ramp, located on Summer St. (Rt. 3A) in Hingham adjacent to Bathing Beach, gives paddlers access to Hingham Harbor, World's End and the Weir River, and the islands of Hingham Bay. 

Kayaks can launch from the beach adjacent to the ramp.

The launch is tide dependent. Hingham Harbor is a large mud flat at low tide. Best launch times are between high- and mid-tide. The ramp and mooring area is dredged, so it's possible to launch and land at lower tides but it's not ideal.

Parking is open to the public - no town residence restrictions - and parking is generally available, particularly if you arrive early. Please avoid parking in the double-length trailer spots around the edges of the parking lot.

There are no public restrooms at the launch. The beachhouse at Bathing Beach may be available but hours are limited and it's not open in the off-season. The Redeye Coffee Roasters restricts restroom access to customers, but a coffee and muffin before you launch might just be the ticket.

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:47 pm
Marty Jensen
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The Town of Hingham is rebuilding the boat ramp. Completion was targeted for Spring 2022, but work is still ongoing (now July 2022).

Parking may be limited during construction. You should still be able to launch from the beach to the left of the ramp.

Posted : 03/08/2022 4:50 pm
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