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Renting Gear

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Michael Davinroy
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Hi, I just moved to Boston, and all my gear is back in Illinois (I'm also still a semi-novice paddler). Is there a place to get gear / the website mentions AMC rents gear out for AMC trips. Is this true?

Posted : 30/05/2021 5:18 pm
Marty Jensen
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Hi Michael,

Welcome to Boston!

The Boston Paddlers Committee has a limited selection of whitewater boats and equipment available for use in any of our whitewater classes or trips. If you register for a whitewater trip, contact the trip leader about boat rentals. We run a Pond Social on Wednesday evenings at White's Pond in Concord geared toward meeting other whitewater paddlers and working on skills. If you're interested in joining on a Wednesday, send an email to to inquire about borrowing a boat for the pond session.

Posted : 15/06/2021 1:17 am
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